Download this Imaginative & Musical Song from Children/Folk Artist Jefrey Au-Go-Go!

Enter a world where children-folk can dance to free songs and video’s bursting with fun ideas!

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Jefrey SilerSHANE HARRISON of ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION- “Music as vast as a mountain vista with melodies sweet enough to inspire swooning.”

RICH KANE of LA WEEKLY – “Melodies that are transcendent that keep us coming back for extra helpings.”

CHRIS HAVERCROFT of XPRESS MAG AUSTRALIA – “With a sense of humor Siler knows how to craft a strong lyric that evokes imagery that’s hard to shake.”


A little about me:

Born and raised “in the sticks” of beautiful North Carolina, I set about travelling a month after High School graduation; first moving to California, then Atlanta, more California and finally, in the pursuit of love, Sydney, Australia. For the past 10+ years I had the pleasure of living and getting to know the Australian way of life with my wife who was born and raised there. That time opened my eyes to the depth of new experiences and made me healthier, happier man. Meals I initially turned my nose up at, I now request; I admit the quiet beach-y life was less of an adjustment; but their sense of humor, I immediately adopted as my own. After a decade down under we both felt hungry for even more new adventures, hence our move to the Big Apple. Creatively, having toured 3 rock albums around Australia, I also felt ready for a sea change. Thinking back now the catalysts were fairly obvious, Muppets Take Manhattan, Jack Black in School of Rock and of course the mighty Flight of the Conchords.

My hope is when you put this record on the silliness of those first perplexing words of “Peter the Pushy Puppy” brings a smile to your face. I adore my nephew and when we lived in Oz, my wife will tell you, I was constantly on the hunt to find anything to make him laugh. Each song here started as an idea in the wake of that inspiration. I hope it puts a smile on your face too!